Custom-Flavored Medicine for Your Child.
How cool is that? Turns out, very cool. At our core, we are devoted to helping children (and you, their parents) avoid that all-too-common struggle to take medicine because it either tastes awful or because it’s just no fun to be sick. Not sure if you came here looking for a new best friend, but you just found one. [Learn more]
What We Do
Our mission is to help people of all ages take their medicine so they can feel better and get well. It all started with our flavoring system for kids medicine, which continues to be our primary focus to this day. [Learn more]



How FLAVORx Works
flavorx-3Getting your child’s medicine custom-flavored at the pharmacy couldn’t be easier. THE PHARMACY STOPS carry FLAVORx. Custom-flavoring your child’s medicine is a great way to help the medicine go down. But it’s not the only way. Check out these tools and tips we’ve compiled through the years to help make medicine time a lot easier for you and your child. This isn’t like searching for Waldo. If you’ve come this far, you know by now that we get pretty geeked up about making kids medicine taste better. But there’s really only so much you can write about that. So we started a blog that talks about children’s health topics and health tips for parents. We’d love to have you as a regular reader. And if you have your own blog, please link up to us. We link back.


Lest you think we’re a one trick pony, allow us to introduce you to Pill Glide, FLAVORx for Pets, and Yo Gabba Gabba Flavor Spray.

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