Orthopedic Supports & Braces

THE PHARMACY STOPS carry a wide variety of high-quality supports and braces to meet your home health care needs. Choosing the correct fabric for your injury or condition is important, and the following are a few tips to assist you in your selection. To choose between a neoprene or an elastic fabric, you need to consider whether you want to support the muscles or joints with or without heat retention. Neoprene can be applied to a joint or muscle for compression and support with retention of body heat.



The area under the support becomes very warm because a neoprene fabric retains your neutral body heat and keeps your muscles loose and flexible. This can be very important in the prevention of injuries because warm muscles or joints may be less susceptible to injury than cold muscles. Neoprene should be the fabric of choice for people with arthritic conditions and for those who wish to prevent injury during sports or activity. An elastic fabric can be applied as a supportive compression after an injury to help reduce swelling and support damaged tissues. Supports made of this fabric can also be used for general support of weak, injured, or stiff joints and for acute or chronic conditions.