Compression Stockings

You may have gone to your doctor because your legs hurt or always felt “tired.” You may have small, purplish blood vessels called varicose veins, or you may not be able to be able to stand or walk comfortably for long periods of time.

Gradient compression vascular stockings can help your legs by helping the veins do their work. They not only give your leg muscles an invigorating little massage as you move, but also help your blood get to where it’s supposed to be. That can also help your legs feel better.

Available Options

There is a huge selection available from ultra sheet to opaque, moderate compression to extra firm, knee-highs to pantyhose as well as men’s dress socks and athletic socks. Gradient compression hosiery comes in sizes and styles for everyone — so do your legs a favor, ask us today for more information on vascular supports. Help for Your Legs


More Information – Compression Stockings for Deep Vein Thrombosis – Topic Overview

Specially fitted compression stockings are designed to treat or help prevent blood clots from developing in deep leg veins (deep vein thrombosis). Compression stockings are tight at the feet with a gradually looser fit on the leg (graduated compression). They are as thick as two pairs of regular panty hose and cover the leg from the arch of your foot to just… [Read More]